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TD-11A Fuel Automatic Nozzle

Product detail

Supertech machine TD11A、TD11AP nozzles are designed with today’s customer in mind. Aluminum body, Small, trim, light-in-weight, the TD11A、TD11AP is a rugged performer that offers long life and reliable service.
The TD-11Ap can not be opened untill the pumping system is pressurized and closes automatically when the pressure is removed. This means the TD-11AP is closed when placed back to the dispenser.
Accurate flow control allows your customers to top off their tank to the exact amount they want, and it's easy to stop gasoline flow precisely


1. Insulator
2. Spout
3. Cover
4. Diaphragm
5. Shut-off Level
6. Nozzle Cover
7.  Spring Seat
8. Valve
9. Mandrill
10. Nozzle Body
11. Level
12. Guard
13. Rivet